HANDLER.EMAIL is a Brandname of GidPro B.V.

Q: What is HANDLER.EMAIL? A:HANDLER.EMAIL is an email cluster used to send bulk mails to subscribed recipients, complying with laws and regulations in The Netherlands.

HANDER.EMAIL is only used by GDPR/AVG compliant customers!

If there are any issues regarding the services provided under the domain-name handler.email please contact us on:

Support Email: support@gidpro.cloud.

ABUSE Email: abuse@gidpro.nl

Office Hours Phone: +31204626666

Emergency Phone: +31204626669

You will be redirected to the Contact page of GidPro in a few seconds. Or you can go directly to the contact page

This service is used by the following domains:

These servers are only sending email, which is DKIM signed and is added to the respective SPF records for the used domains. Please check the txt records on _spf.handler.email.